Love Colour? Fall in Love with Agatha

Whatever your style – whether you are monochrome-mad or all things bright and beautiful – colour can be a really intimidating thing to inject into your wardrobe, let alone your house!

Some people are just naturally masters of colour, they just know what shade goes with what hues and how to mix-match to perfection, and sadly, many of us are completely terrified of too much colour and tend to shy away from brighter palettes.

Well it’s time to get a little daring and use colour everywhere! 2014’s kitchen trends are bright, eye-catching and are a little on the whacky side, so embrace colour with the new colour-confident Agatha tile range.

Here are a few of our favourite colourful options to give your home a sunshine uplift and tint that trusty white décor!

Quirky Accents


You don’t need to go colour-crazy to make your home unique, on-trend and shade-stylish. These fantastically modern and bright tile options are the perfect option for a more subtle and delicate décor. The Agatha Party Lunares tile comes in a range of rainbow-dream colour combinations, from dots to stripes to give your white décor a blast of colour! For ultimate accent style use slight colour matches from tile shades throughout your home’s furnishings and interior design touches and mix-match tile styles for an effortless yet effective aesthetic. These tile options are ideal for any minimalistic décor and larger sized homes.

Orange your bathroom


Orange? You may think it’s a little too colourful for your traditionally monochrome or sea-blue bathroom. However, orange offers lightening qualities and can complement rooms to make them appear bigger and brighter.  The Agatha Lunares Naranja tile is ideal for breathing fresh air into your bathroom, and the clean tiles against complementary white tones offer the ideal combination of modern versus traditional. Orange is definitely the new black, and although bright and maybe a little intimidating, can give your home shade-sophistication and truly unique aesthetics.

Kitchen in red


Red, a traditionally accent colour is now making an appearance in kitchen trends completely on its own! Red is bright, strong and can give your home a contemporary and fresh feel. Red is an easy to accessorise palette, and offers complementary qualities to most colour pairings. As displayed in the image, the fantastic Agatha Party 1 tile comes in a range of various colours and styles, so why not go multi-colour or create your own tile designs with various colour placements. This is the must-purchase-style of the season for any colour lovers, giving homes a beautifully unique, gorgeously stunning and stylishly bold and bright interior.


Here at Tile Mart, we are proud to be one of the leading specialists of all things tile! We are dedicated to keeping our collections at the forefront of tile design and stock a wide selection of on-trend styles and palettes, including all glass, slate and ceramic floor tiles options. For further information please feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team via our contact form on our website or give our Preston branch a call on 01772 258 998 today!


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