Grey Kitchen Ideas

The colour grey took over interior design magazines, decorating TV shows, and the design industry, in general, a few years ago. People loved the fresh, modern look it brought to a room, and experts often noted it for its ability to make a space feel clean and contemporary. Because of this, grey has become a staple in many homes across the country.

Grey Kitchen


Here at Roccia, we’re proud to provide a range of luxury kitchen brands that offer a selection of designs and colours, including grey. So, if a grey kitchen is something you are interested in obtaining during your kitchen re-design, we can help you out. We have collated some top tips and design tricks for getting on board with the grey trend to provide you with some inspiration. So, please read on to gather some fresh ideas.

If you’d rather add tiles for a white kitchen, or you’re looking for cream kitchen tile ideas, well, we’ve answered those questions too! We even have some advice on using brick kitchen tiles.

How to Decide on the Perfect Grey for Your Kitchen

Grey is not just one block colour; there are many tones and hues of grey, each providing a completely different aesthetic if used in your kitchen. For example, light, almost off-white, grey kitchen wall tiles paired with a traditional English kitchen design offers a light, airy, farmhouse-style space perfect for families.

In contrast, dark grey concrete effect floor tiles paired with black gloss cabinets and oak worktops will create a modern industrial-style kitchen ideal for young working professionals in a city centre apartment.

The idea is that it’s not as simple as you may initially think. There are various factors to consider that can help you decide on the perfect grey for your kitchen, such as your personal and home aesthetics, where your home is, how you intend to use your kitchen, and who will be using your kitchen, for example. Additionally, you don’t need to settle on just one shade of grey; we will explain later how you can incorporate patterns in an array of shades to create a dramatic look.


Why Grey Floor Tiles are an Excellent Choice

If you’re struggling with where to begin implementing this style trend into your kitchen, grey kitchen floor tiles are a fantastic place to start. As we have discovered, grey isn’t going anywhere anytime soon due to the reasons we discussed earlier about the contemporary feel it provides any room. Additionally, flooring isn’t something you change often, so our kitchen tiles are an excellent choice if you want to hop onto this trend and stick with it.

We’re proud to offer an extensive range of kitchen floor tiles in a wide selection of different greys so you can select those that suit your home the best. Choose from various materials, such as concrete, wood, slate, or something else – each providing its list of benefits depending on how you wish to utilise your kitchen. Pop into our tile showroom for professional advice on which kitchen floor tiles are best for you if you’re struggling to decide.


Grey Doesn’t Have to be Plain

If you’re into your bold patterns, bright colours, and contemporary interior design, you may be rolling your eyes at the thought of a grey kitchen. However, we’re here to tell you that grey doesn’t have to be plain or boring. When used correctly, grey can be dramatic and exciting and completely transform a room. For example, pair grey gloss cabinets with patterned grey Victorian wall tiles for a surprisingly modern and bold take on this kitchen style trend.


Can You Ever Have Too Much Grey?

We don’t think so! However, we understand that grey walls, floors, fixtures, fittings, and cabinets in the same kitchen may not be for everyone. Luckily for you, grey complements almost any other colour. Pair grey with brown for a neutral, stripped-back look, or choose a bright and bold colour such as pink or yellow with your favourite grey for a modern, artistic approach.

If you’re looking for grey and pink kitchen ideas, the Cesar UNIT series may be the one for you. With bold pink kitchen units, you can implement the grey floor tiles mentioned above in a way that they sink into the background, allowing the pink to pop into the spotlight.


How Can Roccia Help?

We’re proud to work alongside some fantastic kitchen brands in the UK that are guaranteed to offer you everything you need to design and create your dream grey kitchen. Our kitchen showroom in Preston has a selection of these brands on display, so come and visit our award winning showroom to get a feel for what your home could look like with our help.

As experts in the industry, we offer professional advice and look to achieve the very best kitchen for your budget, book your kitchen consultation with Roccia today and discover our range of feature wall tiles.

And remember, if you’re dealing with kitchen backsplash, tiles are the best way to solve it.




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