In the Spotlight: Black and White Kitchens

Getting caught up in choosing the best colour scheme can cause stress when designing your new kitchen. What shade of green matches your grey tiles? How do you incorporate the cream in your splashback with the tea towels? So often, we forget that bringing things back to the basics works just as well, and sometimes, less is more.

So, to highlight this, we’re putting the spotlight on black and white kitchens to provide you with some inspiration for your kitchen design project. Black and white may seem like easy options, and you may believe the monochrome look isn’t for you, but these two shades convey luxury, sleekness and contemporary chic. Read on to find out how to utilise these colours in your kitchen with the help of Roccia.

Why Choose a Black and White Kitchen?

Black and white kitchens are the perfect timeless backdrop for practising your culinary skills, hosting guests for cocktails, and dining with family. The classic look of black and white means that with the right décor and materials, your kitchen will never go out of fashion. However, choose the wrong textures, for example, too much gloss, and your kitchen will date quickly. Instead, choose a healthy balance between materials for the best, timeless look, and you’re sure to have a black and white kitchen that looks as good as new for years to come.

In addition to their timeless appeal, a black and white kitchen is an excellent choice for those who like to experiment with style. Even though they look sleek and fresh on their own, black and white also act as a fantastic backdrop that you can adapt whenever you like. For example, in winter, you can use wood to bring homeliness and warmth to your kitchen, whereas in spring, you may wish to bring in green elements to create some life in your space.

Black and white checked kitchen floor tiles

Incorporating Black and White Into Your Traditional Kitchen

Although you may believe black and white kitchens are best featured in contemporary homes, this is not the case. The two colours work well in all spaces, even a traditional or country house kitchen. For example, there’s nothing more classic than black and white checkered kitchen floor tiles, so incorporating these into your farmhouse-style space is a great idea to add another dimension of classic style.

If you want to bring a black and white colour scheme into your traditional kitchen, opt for wooden fixtures and fittings instead of high gloss to achieve a classic look with a modern twist.

Contemporary Black and White Kitchens

Creating a contemporary vibe in your kitchen with a black and white palette is all about choosing the right textures and materials. For example, choosing black cabinets in both gloss and matte help break the similarity up by providing an interesting change in texture.

Additionally, choose plain white kitchen wall tiles instead of plastering and painting for an extra modern touch. We have a fantastic range of white tiles available in our tile showroom in an extensive choice of styles and designs, so you can choose the tiles that match your contemporary kitchen the best.

Beautiful high gloss black contemporary kitchen

Do All-Black Kitchens Work?

If you want to dare to be different, then going all out with a completely black kitchen is a great way to make your space stand out and leave your guests with a lasting impression. Monochrome black kitchens are sleek and modern and create the perfect moody space for a bachelor pad in the city. Just make sure to break up the worktops from the cabinets with different textures and materials unless you risk turning your kitchen into a black void.

For example, our Valcucine kitchens use black in their designs to create intimate collections suitable for anyone looking to modernise their space by injecting dark shades and moody tones.

Choosing an All-White Kitchen

On the other hand, all-white kitchens are a great way to open up your space and create the illusion of a lighter, airier room. Choose our large format tiles or extra large format tiles in white to brighten up your space, and pair them with white cabinets to open your room up more. This look is ideal for more modest or dingey kitchens in need of lightening.

In contrast, all-white kitchens can be a little harsh on the eye, so make sure to bring in softer elements, such as wood, to break it up.

Stunning white Valcucine kitchen

Incorporating Other Colours Into Your Black and White Kitchen

All-black or all-white kitchens may not be for everyone, so you might choose to incorporate other colours into the mix. One of the best things about these two shades is that they go well with any other colour, so no matter your personal preference, you can guarantee your kitchen looks stunning.

For a contemporary look, consider a bold yellow or earthy sage green, depending on the rest of your home’s aesthetic, ensuring your kitchen ties into the other rooms. Additionally, consider coloured appliances such as your kettle and toaster to inject something different into small pockets of your space.

If you’re still unsure about your black and white kitchen design, enquire online for your FREE design consultation with our award-winning experts, or visit our tile showroom in Bolton or Preston to discuss your options in person.

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