Incorporating Hygge Style with Your Tiles

As Winter edges closer, it’s natural for us to want our spaces to be as cosy as possible. With a focus on warmth, relaxation, and wellbeing, there is no better style to take inspiration from in these dark months than the hugely popular Hygge style.

With a focus on creating a hub of sheer cosiness, this Danish style staple is one which will never go out of fashion and is sure to make a comfortable haven which you will never want to leave.

So, as the dark nights draw in, it’s important to create a bright décor, and tiles are an important part of this style. So, what exactly is this style, how can you incorporate it into your home, and more importantly, where do tiles come into this style equation?

What is Hygge?

Pronounced as ‘hue-gah’ or ‘hoo-ga’ this style has made its way from the Norwegian term for wellbeing straight to our homes. It is now a recognisable and well-loved trend around the world.

Developed into a concept and an entire way of living way back in the 18th century by the Danish, it first appeared in writing of the time.

Applicable to any space and time, this style transcends through any season, but truly comes into its own in the colder seasons, as Scandinavia is renowned for this. The bleak winters of their culture represent their style attributes; however, we are glad it has crossed the borders to interior design in our country.

Various Textures

One of the main keys to unlocking this style is to incorporate different luxurious textures.

By combining aspects such as solid flooring and walls, with items such as knitted cushions and textured accessories, you can easily create the look. Think silky soft cashmere, faux fur throws, and sheepskin rugs mixed with natural wood aspects, tiled flooring and even wood-effect tiles. The combination of the two will add a warm and welcoming feel to any room.

For an alternative take, try opting for a mix of utilitarian styles and mixing whites with darker greys, black and adding a distressed finish.

The Natural Look

Another factor to unlock the true nature of the Hygge style is to keep to natural colours and themes.

When it comes to flooring, a wood effect is the most popular option, and a perfect way to achieve this is through wood-effect tiles. They are easy to clean and compared to actual wooden flooring, can cost a fraction of the price.

Don’t forget that these tiles don’t just have to be for bathrooms or kitchens; they can, in fact, be fitted just about anywhere to create a fluid and super cosy look through the entire home. A whitewash style is a wonderful choice to really fit in with the hygge theme.

Keep your natural palette to whites, greys and all various pale shades of these. However, you can add a flush of colour with various textures and accessories but keep these to pastel shades.

By keeping to a white colour palette, you can also give your home an instant contemporary lift which will accentuate natural light and make the space seem bigger, as well as bringing attention to other features of the rooms décor. This look will never go out of date.

Pair the natural look tiling with a log burning stove and a faux fur rug, and you’ve got the perfect hygge look.

Keep it Simple

In this style, the statement of ‘less is more’ is true.  Minimalism, but with that added touch of warmth is key to perfecting this style. By carefully choosing your accessories, furniture, keeping it minimalistic and pairing it with savvy storage solutions, you can create a space which is not just calm, but clutter free and cosy!

This rule goes for any room from the bedroom to the bathroom. In the bathroom, the hygge style can work extremely well, as natural tones complement the bright white tones of a suite. Adding a free-standing bath into your design would be the extra special touch to your interiors. But don’t forget to match your towels and bath matts to a neutral scheme and pattern. You could even bring some nature inside with some plants.

A cream kitchen can be a staple style but also a great base for starting a hygge decor. By utilising a standard cream theme you can work the rest of your style around this blank yet stylish canvas. If you aren’t sure what colour floor tiles to go with your cream kitchen why not opt for some earthy tones to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, which is ideal for a kitchen space.

Here at Roccia, we have a wide array of tiles which would fit in perfectly with the hygge style. Everything from a wood-effect tile to a neutral scheme tile – we have some key elements in order to get this interior design style spot on.

If you would like any more information about any of our products which would incorporate this style, simply browse our huge selection of tiles online. You could even get in touch with our team, or pop down to our showroom in Preston or Bolton!

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