Our Award-Winning Bathroom & Kitchen Brands

At Roccia, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of luxury bathrooms and kitchens.

We are proud to work with some of the biggest brands in Europe, providing high-quality and cutting-edge products which allow you to create your dream bathroom or kitchen.

Each brand we work with has been carefully selected by our team for their innovative and unique designs. In our article, we have given you an inside view into a selection of these brands, what they represent and how they have brought their products to life.

Award-Winning Kitchens from ROCCIA


Cesar Kitchens place people at the very centre of their design concepts. Their unique designs favour strong personality and diverse characteristics alongside practical and homely touches.

We currently have two of Cesar’s kitchen ranges available within Roccia: N_Elle Kitchen and UNIT Kitchen.

The N Elle range takes inspiration from the ‘modern woman’ – boasting an understated yet charming design, the perfect addition to any modern-day interior. Cesar has chosen to go with a smooth marble finish for this particular range, and with endless bespoke options available for N_Elle kitchens, you can design something that is truly exclusive.


Nelle Kitchen

Image: N_Elle Kitchen


The UNIT range from Cesar has been highly sought-after for a while now, thanks to an award-winning design which incorporates modern aesthetic, whilst maintaining an inviting, sleek look. Ideal for those who want a kitchen that pushes the boundaries with new-age technologies, but also want to stay in touch with a more classic kitchen feel, Cesar UNIT is the perfect addition to any home.


Image: UNIT Kitchen



When it comes to kitchen design, next125 are among the most premier brands on the market. Their philosophy is to combine technology, expert craftsmanship and incredible design to form the ideal product for customers. As a brand, next125 firmly believe that kitchens are more than just a room for cooking; they are a reflection of a lifestyle, and their kitchen units replicate this.

Utilising a range of sustainable practices, next125 boast a genuine commitment to the environment. By using a range of recyclable materials in their manufacturing process, along with guaranteeing that any packaging materials are manufactured and disposed of in an environmentally conscious way.

We are pleased to offer an extensive range of next125 kitchens here at Roccia, so be sure to browse online or visit us in-store to see which kitchen would perfectly integrate into your home.


Next125 Kitchen Design

Image: next125 Kitchen



Despite predominantly focusing on kitchens, Schüller place emphasis on considering how the entire home works in harmony. This inevitably means that the majority of their kitchen designs reflect the importance of not only being stylish but also functional.

Schüller kitchens are not only focused on functionality and user experience, but they also have a strong commitment to sustainability. You’ll find that all of their kitchens incorporate ecological designs for those who want to design their home with the environment in mind.

We’re pleased to stock a huge selection of Schüller kitchens, and we’re sure that we can help you to find the perfect kitchen for your home from our range. The brand is well-known for having something for everyone when it comes to kitchen design, from ultra-modern aesthetics through to more contemporary kitchens.


Schuller Kitchen

Image: Schüller Kitchens


If you feel inspired to begin designing your new kitchen, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your requirements with our award-winning kitchen design team today. Our design experts are housed at our kitchen showroom in Preston and have years of collective experience helping clients achieve their dream kitchen. Start your journey today by booking your appointment online or by calling us on 01772 382716.


Award-Winning Bathrooms from ROCCIA


Laufen has over 125 years’ experience in the industry, and this is reflected in each of their products. You’ll find that each and every part of a Laufen bathroom is focused on design, quality and functionality – all of these elements come together to create the perfect bathroom design.

Aesthetically pleasing design paired with practical functionality and high-quality products, has seen Laufen win a whole host of awards over the years, including the likes of Red Dot: Product Design and Green Good Design awards.

One of the main reasons that Laufen bathrooms have continued to stand the test of time, and not only survive but thrive, is down to their unique heritage. Although a Swiss brand, Laufen has managed to unite emotional Italian design, whilst also incorporating the precision all Nordic countries are renowned for.


Laufen Bathroom

Image: Laufen Bathrooms


With a real focus on technical innovations and an impeccable eye for detail, Novello has developed a brand that is ahead of the curve, boasting highly versatile bathrooms with a genuinely charming aesthetic.

The new modular units from Novello have been a genuine success, with countless designs and sizes available, no matter what you are looking for from your next bathroom design, you can be sure Novello will have something to suit your requirements.

Thanks to their extensive range of bathroom furniture, washbasins and bathtubs, you can rest assured that your bathroom will ooze luxury and innovation if you choose Novello bathrooms!


Novello Bathrooms

Image: Novello Bathrooms



With vast experience in all thing’s bathrooms, Kohler has been at the forefront of bathroom engineering for over 140 years. The brand firmly believes that the bathroom shouldn’t just be a place to bathe, but it should be a true extension of your overall living space, and of course, that means that each piece integrated into the room needs to be of the very highest quality.

Kohler excel when it comes to providing high-quality bathroom furnishings, with an abundance of products on offer. The brand is renowned for offering products that are pleasing on the eye and instil a genuine feel of relaxation all year round.

There really is something for everyone when it comes to Kohler bathrooms; they are adept at creating a bathroom that suits your requirements completely. With options such as traditional and rustic right through to eclectic and contemporary bathrooms available, Kohler covers all bases when it comes to bathroom design and do so with class and absolute attention to detail.


Kohler Bathroom

Image: Kohler Bathrooms



Combining an environmentally friendly approach, with truly stunning bathroom furnishings, Artelinea has become a staple in the industry since being founded in the 1960s. Throughout the company’s history, Artelinea has taken great pride in staying ahead of the curve, consistently working to provide some of the most revolutionary and innovative bathroom furnishings.

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of everything Artelinea bathrooms do, with recyclable glass and opalite being two of the most commonly used materials used in their products. Thanks to their impressive commitment to the environment, Artelinea maintain a zero-environmental impact as a company, making them a perfect choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

There’s no doubting that Artelinea’s unique and abstract bathroom designs are among some of the most modern currently available on the market. So, if you’re looking for a bathroom design that will be just as relevant in 10 years’ time as it is today, you cannot go wrong with any of the Artelinea products on offer here at Roccia.


Artelina Bathrooms

Image: Artelinea Bathrooms


If you are looking for a bathroom brand that knows how to go big, then Acquabella could well be the perfect fit for your needs. Renowned for letting customers go beyond their wildest dreams when it comes to bathroom design, Acquabella’s experimental and unorthodox style challenges what we have all come to expect from a classic bathroom design.

With innovative style running through the veins of all Acquabella’s creations, you can be absolutely sure that none of your friends, family or neighbours will have the same bathroom furnishing as you if you do opt for Acquabella bathrooms. Their commitment to driving new innovations and thinking outside the box is matched by their desire to only use environmentally friendly materials in all of their products, with the likes of Dolotek and Akron preferred.

In recent years, Dolotek and Akron have grown in popularity thanks to their flexibility and durability. Dolotek, in particular, is capable of being moulded into the most complex shapes, whilst also boasting a non-porous and continuous surface; this material is highly sought after in many interior design circles.


Acquabella Bathroom

Image: Acquabella Bathrooms



Gessi is a brand that is synonymous with change and technology, and this is characterised in each and every bathroom furnishing they offer. Having gained acclaim worldwide for being one of the most forward-thinking brands in bathroom design, Gessi has become an essential for luxury bathrooms.

Gessi bathrooms take inspiration from a number of sources, including the likes of natural creations found across the globe, classic Italian design and even the fluid movements of water. All of this comes together to create a truly breath-taking overall bathroom design.

Among the most fashionable bathroom brands worldwide, Gessi has gained acclaim for their faucets, taps, rain showers as well as their extensive range of ceramics and textiles. With an ultra-modern feel to each and every part of their bathroom furnishings, you can rest assured your bathroom will be relevant for years to come if you choose to invest in Gessi for your next bathroom renovation.


Gessi Bathroom

Image: Gessi Bathrooms


Why not pop into our tile showroom in Preston or tile showroom in Bolton to view the range of bathroom brands we have on offer? Along with all of our award-winning brands, we also have an extensive range of accompanying tiles that are the perfect complement to any bathroom, kitchen and even outdoor areas of your home.

Our vastly experienced and friendly team would be more than happy to assist you in-store, online or even over the phone. So why not use our online enquiry form to get in touch, or simply call us on 01772 382716.

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