19th Century Inspiration: Victorian Bathroom Ideas 

Bathroom trends come and go, and if you’re remodelling your bathroom, it can be difficult to decide on the style that’s right for you and your home, especially if you want to keep it trendy. However, sticking to traditional and classic aesthetics is the best way to ensure your bathroom design never goes out of style. 

There’s a long list of classic designs you could choose from, and we’re proud to stock a wide range of luxury bathroom brands that cater for all personal aesthetics here at Roccia, with a wide range of luxury tiles for the bathroom.

So, we’re taking a look into some Victorian-inspired bathroom designs and exploring how you can incorporate this iconic and opulent look into your home space with the help of the incredible Roccia design team. 

What is the Definition of a Victorian Bathroom? 

A Victorian-style bathroom is a design that would have been popular in the Victorian era during the late 19th century. When discussing these styles of bathrooms, we’re talking specifically about the bathrooms of the wealthy. These grand, opulent, and elegant bathrooms were where rich Victorians would bring together their most beautiful patterns, ornate fixtures, and intricate detailing to create the lavish designs many of us still recreate to this day. 

It would be unusual to see hexagonal tiles for a bathroom floor in a Victorian property, but it wouldn’t be the only one. Tessellating tiles are very fitting for the era.

What Are the Key traits of a Victorian Bathroom? 

Often, we can view a bathroom and clearly see that it’s been inspired by 19th century trends, but how so? There are some specific pieces that, when put together, create the classic Victorian bathroom look. So, if you wish to take your bathroom back in time, consider choosing the below pieces in your space. 


 Caprichosa tiles in a victorian style bathroom with free standing bath


Free-Standing Bathtubs  

There’s something so romantic about a free-standing tub taking centre stage in a bathroom, and the Victorians knew exactly how to achieve this. Built-in bathrooms were not so common during the 19th century, which is why if you want to get that real traditional feel to your space, a free-standing tub works brilliantly. If you want to imagine how this dramatic bathtub would look in your home, visit us at our bathroom showroom in Bolton or Preston and explore our stunning displays. 

Part of what makes free-standing bathtubs so attractive is the suggestion of space they give. Believe it or not, large bathroom tiles can help suggest this kind of space. However, there are also plenty of popular ensuite bathroom ideas where this would benefit them.


Choosing a traditional-looking tap for your basin and bathtub is crucial in creating a true Victorian-inspired room. Opt for two taps, rather than the modern mixer tap, in an ornate style instead of a sleek, contemporary, or angular design. To keep on theme, choose chrome faucets; however, to mix it up and cleverly combine the new with the old, select a traditional design in either gold or black. 

Ornate Features  

It’s all in the details, so when choosing your fixtures, fittings, and furniture, ensure they are traditional and ornate. The Victorians loved flouncy designs, extravagant patterns, and intricate details, so choose features that are flourished with these characteristics. For example, pay attention to your door and cabinet handles, bathtub legs, and light fittings. Each of these items becomes a piece of the puzzle in your completed 19th century bathroom. 

Victorian Bathroom Colour Schemes 

The Victorians were known for their rich colour schemes, such as burgundy, deep purple, and navy blue. To recreate an accurate 19th century bathroom, choose one of these bold colours paired with white or cream fixtures and fittings. Similarly, an all-white or cream bathroom will also offer a Victorian-looking space and is a great option for those a little less daring. 

A contemporary victorian style tile in a bathroom

Victorian Bathroom Tiles  

Here at Roccia, we’re proud to house the most extensive collection of luxurious tiles in the country in a wide range of different styles and materials. In our tile showroom in Preston, you’ll find our stunning collection of Victorian tiles, where you’re sure to get what you need to recreate a 19th century-inspired bathroom. These are intricately designed to give a traditional impression but manufactured with the high-quality materials of the present day to provide a durable, first-rate tile. 

Similarly, if you want to choose a tile that is less ornate and have your focus on another area of the room, another design you can incorporate into a Victorian bathroom is subway. Subway wall tiles provide a fantastic backdrop to your classically styled bathroom and come in various colour options so you can select those that match your personal aesthetic while keeping to the theme. 

Victorian Bathrooms With a Modern Twist 

Putting a contemporary flair on a Victorian-inspired bathroom is a brilliant idea to bring this classic aesthetic into the modern-day, and there are plenty of ways to go about this. As mentioned, you could select some 19th-century looking faucets and swap out the traditional chrome for a black or gold. This makes the taps a focal point and is a great idea if you want to bring more attention to your free-standing tub or basin. 

Similarly, you could swap out the typical colour schemes for something a little more contemporary For example, a blush pink with some of our grey Victorian floor tiles would make a great, modern take on the Victorian tile trend.  

The design team at our bathroom showroom in Preston and Bolton are here to help you. If this style of bathroom sounds like something you believe would fit into your home, but you need some help piecing it together, we can help. And before you do anything, make sure you know how to prepare a bathroom floor for tiling.

Enquire online today for a FREE design consultation and see what we can do for you. 

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