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After being stuck in lockdown for the last few months, we’ve all been doing our best to make the most of all the space our home has to offer. This is especially true for those who have a small yard at the back of their house, that often goes unutilised.

With the summer months now in full flow, we aim to give you some tips on how to turn your drab yarden into a full-of-life garden, using just a few simple steps!

Invest In Some Comfortable Seating

The first thing you need to consider is finding some comfortable seating for your newly transformed yarden to garden space. When shopping around, be sure to measure up just how much space you realistically have to play with when it comes to seating, as you don’t want to have a large table and chairs taking up the majority of your space.

It’s also worth investing a little more money into your seating as you’re likely going to spend a lot of time over the summer in the chairs you do choose. Be sure to go for something sturdy and built to last, preferably waterproof but most importantly comfortable!

Add A Mini Garden

Now that you have a space to sit, it’s important that you begin filling your outdoor space with some colour and life. Adding some flowers, a small patch of grass or even some artificial plants, can make a world of difference to your new garden – you really can’t underestimate just how important it is as it can become the life and soul of your home if done right.

If you have the space to add a small patch of astroturf, then this can give your outdoor space a real lift. Failing that, you could always just add a dedicated area to a few plants, or a large planter! It’s really important that you add some colour to your yarden, and plants bring a real sense of the vibrant outdoors, right to your home.

Create A Stunning Tiled Area

Be sure to view our extensive range of outdoor tiles if you’re interested in making the most out of your new garden. We have a huge range of tiles available, from natural stone effect outdoor tiles to marble effect outdoor tiles and everything in between. No matter what style you’re looking to add to your yarden turned garden, you can be absolutely sure we will have the perfect tiles to suit your needs.

To ensure the safety of everyone who uses your garden, all of our outdoor tiles come with anti-slip properties, which means you can rest assured that the chances of slipping are significantly reduced even when these tiles are wet.

When choosing your tiles, be sure to consider what other key features you are looking to include in your outdoor space, if you’re looking to maximise the feeling of space in your yarden, we would definitely recommend opting for lighter coloured tiles. White tiles have the ability to make smaller spaces feel considerably larger, that’s why you’ll often see lighter coloured tiles installed in small bathrooms.

However, if you’re looking for low maintenance tiles that won’t need much cleaning throughout the year, you may want to opt for a darker coloured tile. It’s no secret that black and dark grey tiles don’t show as much dirt as their lighter counterparts, so they’re a fantastic option for many busy households. It should be noted though, all of our outdoor tiles are easy to clean, and if you’re only installing them in a small space, it won’t take long to give all of your tiles that ‘like new’ look again!

Decorate your Garden Walls

By this point, you should have already wildly transformed your outdoor space, but there’s one last step we’d recommend taking. If you’re looking to really transform and make the most of your outdoor space, it’s time to consider decorating, or even tiling your garden walls to give your garden that one last finishing touch.

You could choose to simply paint your garden walls a more appealing colour, which is a common way many homeowners give their back yard a lift. Once this is done, you could look for some accessories such as a wind chime or garden clock to give your garden some character and personality.

If you’re not keen on painting your walls, you could consider adding some wall tiles to your outdoor space. Depending on your preference, you may want to opt for the same style as your floor tiles to create a seamless look to your garden; but you may want to opt for some contrast in the style and colour of the tiles you install on your garden wall. No matter what style you choose in the end, our tile experts are more than happy to give you all the advice you need either over the phone, via email, or in store.

Why not pop in to either our tile showroom in Preston or tile showroom in Bolton to view our extensive range of outdoor tiles? Our dedicated tile experts will be on hand to give you all of the information you need about our tiles, so you can rest assured you are making the right purchase for your next garden project!


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