How to Decorate a Small Garden

If your home has a small garden, you can feel extremely limited in what you are able to do with your outdoor area. But having a small garden doesn’t mean you can’t have big plans when it comes to designing the area to be everything you ever hoped for. Thankfully there are plenty of handy tips and tricks that you can use to decorate a small garden.

In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to maximise the potential of your small garden; from making your space appear much bigger than it actually is to utilising outdoor furniture to your advantage, our tips are sure to make an impact.




1. Keep It Light

You may recall that in our article on using large format tiles for small spaces we mentioned about using lighter colour shades in order to make the room feel bigger. This point also stands when it comes to having a smaller garden too, as white paint allows natural light to bounce off it, giving the illusion that the space is actually bigger than it is. You can further accentuate this by choosing to purchase white furniture for your garden.

If you are completely against the idea of having white in your garden, our advice is to keep your colour palette light and you can’t go far wrong! Be sure to avoid any dark colours, as they will make your outdoor space feel considerably smaller than it is!

Tiles In Garden

2. Keep It Simple

If you do have a small outdoor space, you can quite easily fall into the trap of trying to overcompensate and fill the area with as much as you physically can. Unfortunately, overcrowding your garden with an abundance of plants and furniture is a recipe for disaster.

When your garden is pressed for space, it’s absolutely vital that you keep things as simple as possible. By all means, invest in a few select pieces of furniture and flowers, but keep the colours simple, and don’t be tempted to try and pack too much in. Minimalistic outdoor furniture works really well in a smaller garden and is something that you should definitely consider taking a look at.

Small Garden Space


3. Make Use of Shelves

With floor space being a premium in a smaller garden, why not install some shelves around your garden? You can make fantastic use of these by popping some tasteful accessories and plant pots in your new garden space. It’s also worth considering that the shelves you install will act as a completely new feature in your garden, so you won’t feel inclined to fill up your garden floor space with clutter.

If you’re looking for an alternative to shelves, a planter installed under the kitchen window is a fantastic way to utilise your wall space. A simple trough is a fantastic place to grow some herbs if you’re into cooking and adds a completely different dimension to your garden.

4. Install a Tiled Area

If you’re looking to stay on trend in your small garden, be sure to install a tiled area using either outdoor tiles or large format tiles. A small tiled area has a wide range of uses, including playing host to a stunning outdoor dining area, perfect for the approaching summer months. You could invest in some high-quality outdoor furnishings and a BBQ to transform your small garden into a space your family and friends can enjoy throughout the warmer months.

Alternatively, you could look to invest in some comfortable outdoor seating to place on your newly tiled area. Many homeowners choose to use a nice outdoor seating area for a place to relax after a hard week at work.

Tiled Outdoor Area

If you’re feeling inspired to take some of our design ideas and implement them into your garden, you can find a wide range of outdoor tiles to kickstart your project here at Roccia. If you are looking for a premier tile supplier in Preston or tile supplier in Bolton, be sure to pop into our showroom to discuss your options further with one of our experts.

Tiles In Garden

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