The Rise of Earth Tones in Bathroom Design

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Let us introduce you to the bathroom trend created to soothe and de-stress: earth tones.

Using earth tones in your décor creates a zen bathroom oasis and has been gaining popularity as a growing number of people are seeking to transform their bathrooms into calming, soothing spaces. This design trend helps you create a peaceful atmosphere that invites relaxation and tranquillity. Plus, it’s a fun way to add a touch of nature to your home!

Here, our bathroom design experts are exploring this interior design style that has taken over both commercial and domestic projects. We’ll take a close look at what earth tones are, why the natural colour palette has proven a popular choice for bathrooms, and how you can turn your bathroom into a sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of life and find inner peace.

Exploring the Earth Tone Spectrum

Earth tones refer to the collection of hues and shades which mirror those found in our natural environment. This is a spectrum of colours, ranging from deep, rich browns and olives to the softer hues of beige, greys, and moss green.

Choosing tiles in earthy hues can help create a bathroom that’s both sophisticated and serene. So, if you want to turn your bathroom into a relaxing natural sanctuary, consider incorporating earthy tiles into your design. For example, when it comes to bathroom tiles, there are plenty of options in these earthy hues. Ceramic tiles are a popular choice due to their durability and range of designs that come in a variety of earth tones, from deep browns to soft beige.


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Why Earth Tones in the Bathroom Have Risen in Popularity

Arguably, the bathroom is the one space in a home where we start and finish our day, carving out time for personal care and self-reflection. Because of this, many people opt for the tranquillity of earth tones in this room, as they complement a peaceful and relaxing bathroom space and help get you ready for the day and wind down in the evening.

As well as the calm that these colour palettes provide, the timeless elegance of earth tones means they perfectly fit with a variety of design styles, from the rustic charm of farmhouse interiors to the sleek, modern, minimalistic look. This adaptability and versatility are significant factors in earth tones’ popularity, especially for those taking on a commercial project or house re-model to sell, as the colours work as the ideal backdrop to many personal styles.

Biophilic Design and Natural Colours

Among the array of contemporary design movements, biophilic design has become notable. This trend borrows elements from nature to create a connective and healthy living environment, and the allure of natural colours in biophilic design is undistinguishably bound, particularly in bathrooms.

For example, colours such as moss greens promote a soothing ambience that encourages relaxation, making them ideal for the bathroom. They give us a sense of being grounded, creating an environment that mirrors the gentle, neutral shades of the natural world. So, whether it’s a sandy cream for your cabinets or a nature-inspired green hue for your bathroom wall tiles, earth tones lend themselves remarkably well to bathroom aesthetics.

Incorporating Earth Tones in Your Bathroom

If this beautiful colour palette has piqued your interest, there are various ways to incorporate it into your bathroom design; let’s take a look:

  • Tiles. Whether you go for bathroom floor tiles or adorn your walls with these shades, tiles are an excellent way to bring a touch of nature to your space. Durable, easy to maintain, and moisture-resistant, there isn’t a better option for your bathroom.
  • Cabinetry. Earth tones such as green and dark brown in cabinetry blend seamlessly with stone-effect tiles, wooden accents, and other organic materials, creating a cohesive bathroom design that’s pleasing to the eye.
  • Soft Furnishings. Towels and bathmats in earthy colours are a great way to bring in some texture to your bathroom and create a cohesive, nature-inspired sanctuary.
  • Artwork. Of course, if you’re looking for a quick way to bring earth hues into your bathroom, wall art is an excellent choice. You can start collecting your favourite pieces and switch them out regularly to always keep your bathroom aesthetics fresh and exciting.

However you choose to integrate these tones, the key is to strike the right balance between earthy colours and the materials you use to bring out the best of your bathroom space.

Following this, it’s essential to mix and match different earthy shades without making your space feel too heavy or overwhelming. For example, a bathroom wall with tiles in taupe or beige can be complemented with wooden accents and fixtures in a darker shade, but too many colours in one space can quickly become too much. Ultimately, the aim should be to choose a balanced colour palette that mimics nature: a background of soft neutrals accentuated by an assortment of rich hues.

How Roccia’s Luxury Bathroom Brands Can Help You Achieve This Look

At Roccia, we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends and interior designs taking the industry by storm. By keeping our expert eyes on the ball, we keep our offerings fresh and exciting for our clients, providing them with the latest and greatest on the market.

So, if earth tones and the natural world are elements you wish to incorporate into your space, our luxury bathroom brands are here to help. From the muted elegance of stone tiles to spa-inspired bathroom suites, our product range promises to deliver the timeless appeal of earth tones in unparalleled luxury.

Discover our extensive collection today and step into the next wave of bathroom design. Find your nearest Roccia bathroom showroom:

Alternatively, you can enquire online for a FREE bathroom design consultation, and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist.

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