How to Create the Kitchen Design of Your Dreams

At ROCCIA, we are experts in creating a kitchen design which suits the personalities of the property and purchaser(s). We can help you to understand the path towards designing and creating your perfect kitchen, especially when it comes to making a decision about your dream kitchen floor tiles.

The Process

If you’re in the initial stages of designing your dream kitchen, then we recommend starting by collecting as much inspiration as possible. Visit our kitchen showroom in Preston for an indication of some tiles and furnishings that could make your dream kitchen come true, make a Pinterest board full of your favourite kitchens, and spend time in your current kitchen and think about the functionality of it.

Evaluating the functionality of your current kitchen will enable you to create a kitchen that you will love for the next decade, so ask yourself what’s working and what isn’t, how much space do you have to work with, and how does the lighting change over the course of a day?

Creating Pinterest boards for yourself will help you to get a sense of what your style is, and you may also find some kitchens that are of a similar shape to your own which can help you to understand both the restraints and the possibilities of your space.

Wall Tiles

Smart Kitchens

If you’re tired of cabinet doors that swing into each other, and corner cabinet’s whose contents are practically inaccessible, then you might be especially keen to create a kitchen experience that is not only stylish but above all else is functional.

A smart kitchen today is more than just installing some smart storage, however; it’s all those extra features like smart lighting with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home that will make your new kitchen feel super functional and easy to use.

Other additions that might bring your kitchen into the future include Quooker taps to provide boiling water on demand – you’ll find that making a cup of tea will be revolutionised with this innovative tap design.

A kitchen splashback is an area where you can exercise some personality through a functional feature. Splashbacks are an important part of any kitchen, but especially behind hobs and cookers as they will resist grease and oil and are therefore much easier to clean than a painted wall. If you’ve decided that you don’t want to tile your whole kitchen, then you should think about where you should be tiling for maximum cleaning effectiveness.

For some more inspiration on functional kitchen design ideas, we recommend you read our other blogs:

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Making it Personal

Functionality isn’t everything, of course, as clashing colours can cause similar distress to a cupboard that opens the wrong way. When creating your dream kitchen, you will also need to think about what styles make you happy and the colour schemes involved in that.

Unless you update your kitchen more than every three years, we would recommend following your heart instead of passing trends. You need to make a kitchen that is going to make you happy in the long term, so use the latest trends as inspiration but follow your heart in the end. We’ve written a blog about The Best Colours for Your Kitchen to get you started with your new colour scheme.

Some smart trends that are known for making people happy include biophilia – an interior design trend that is all about bringing nature into the home. Plants make people smile and growing your own herbs in your kitchen can have benefits for your cooking, too.

Plants need lots of natural light to grow effectively, which will direct you towards considering the size of your kitchen windows and how to make the most of the light available to you. Kitchens that open out onto the garden are very popular at the moment – and with good reason. These kitchens feel more spacious for having big windowed doors looking out onto the garden, and they make BBQs and garden parties much easier to cater for.

Understanding how the layout of your kitchen will make you feel is also a big part of personalising your kitchen. For example, an open plan layout makes it easier to socialise with your guests, but it also means that your dirty dishes are on show while you host your party.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Choosing the Tiles

For many people, a cream kitchen is the dream kitchen, and we’ve written all about this previously on this blog: What Colour Floor Tiles Go with a Cream Kitchen. The tiles you need for your kitchen will be decided partly by functionality and partly by style. For example, if you’re an avid dog owner, you will want to avoid tiles that can cause your dog to slip, which is one example of Why Slate is Perfect for Your Kitchen, but if you have young children, you might want to go for smooth surfaces that they are unlikely to graze themselves on if they trip.

If your overall kitchen design is quite simple, we will recommend that you consider making a statement with some unique tiles. On the other hand, if you’re planning a kitchen with a lot of features, then we have plenty of high-quality low-key tiles that will quietly ooze an atmosphere of luxury without detracting from the rest of your kitchen aesthetic.

Metro Wall Tiles

We have plenty of tile design inspiration for you on our Pinterest page, and we hope that you enjoy recreating your kitchen.

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